Unpacking the CAP

7 April 2015

Objectives are to assess zero draft and Africa Group of negotiators document and highlight areas for discussion as appropriate; To synthesize elements from the zero draft, chairs summary and ECA elements paper into concrete proposals for the negotiations focusing on what Africa and G77 and China should demand from development partners; and to suggest sub-headings for Africa’s proposals under each of the FfD catagories.

7 April 2015

NEPAD presentation about the means of implementation for SDGs and Financing for Development Capacity Dimensions - Financial & Non Financial.

24 January 1992

This report proposes five core programme areas in which large enterprises, including transnational corporations, can contribute to the goals of sustainable development; (a) global corporate environmental management; (b) risk and hazard minimization; (c) environmentally sounder consumption patterns; (d) full-cost environmental accounting; and (e) environmental conventions, standards and guidelines.