Transnational corporations and sustainable development: recommendations of the Executive Director: report of the Secretary-General

24 January 1992
United Nations Economic and Social Council
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This report proposes five core programme areas in which large enterprises, including transnational corporations, can contribute to the goals of sustainable development; (a) global corporate environmental management; (b) risk and hazard minimization; (c) environmentally sounder consumption patterns; (d) full-cost environmental accounting; and (e) environmental conventions, standards and guidelines.

The specific recommendations under each programme area derive from the existing practices of environmentally leading businesses. The recommendations also address other actors, particularly Governments and international organizations, since incentives and regulatory standards can allow markers to function more effectively.

In line with the format of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, the recommendations are set out in terms of sustainable objectives, specific activities and means of implementation. Target dates are also suggested to operationalize the recommendations into action-oriented and practicable efforts.