Revitalizing Global Partnership to deliver the SDGs and Meta Partnerships

7 April 2015
Felix Dodds
Associate Fellow Tellus Institute
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Presentation by Felix Dodds from the Associate Fellow Tellus Institute.<--break->


1992: United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) – first UN conference to define roles for responsibilities for nine sectors of society
2000: Global Partnership for Development
2002: Type 2 Partnerships
2003: Partnerships guidelines agreed at CSD 11
2008: Partnership Forum formed as part AMR
2012: Rio+20 1400 commitments amounting to $636

Global Partnership for Development (2000)

MDG8 was basically government to government partnerships on debt, aid and trade

Some involvement of the private sector was envisioned in:

  • Target 8.E: In cooperation with companies, provide access to affordable drugs in developing countries
  • Target 8.F: In cooperation with the private sector, make available benefits of new technologies, especially informa.on and communications

Questions that the Workshop might like to address

  • Building on past intergovernmental discussions, create a set of robust principles, guidelines including monitoring mechanisms and accountability frameworks that should guide multi-stakeholder partnerships associated with the United Nations, including the existing Guidelines on Cooperation between the United Nations and the Business Sector;
  • What should this include?
  • Should ECOSOC establish these principles and guidelines governing multi-stakeholder partnerships and a framework for their review?
  • For the sustainable development goals, one possible approach could be for a meta-partnership to be created for each target which would then oversee the contribu.on of those interested in to deliver on the targets and report to the relevant UN Agency or Programme being assigned as a 'Task Manager' for each goal. Would this help accountability of partnerships to member states?
  • Should companies engaged in partnerships with the United Na.ons be asked to commit to the UN Global Compact Principles? If not what should be the framework that companies engaging be asked to adhere to?
  • Should the Partnership Forum in ECOSOC be utilized to advance the principles and guidelines for partnerships and review those partnerships involving the UN to ensure these principles and guidelines are being applied?
  • Should the High-level Political Forum, under the auspices of ECOSOC look at themaIc partnerships linked to the sustainable development goals?
  • Should the FfD process also develop multi-stakeholder partnerships or should the global partnership for Development be principally a partnership of governments to governments?