Revised draft: The Addis Ababa Accord

12 May 2015
United Nations
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Pursuant to our letter of 28 April 2015, we attach herewith the revised Draft Outcome Document which, as agreed, will serve as the basis of our further consultations from 11 - 15 May. The revised Draft is based on views and comments on the Zero Draft during the Second Drafting Session (April 13-17), the joint session on means of implementation with the Post 2015 Development Agenda process (April 21-24) and the written inputs that we have received.

The consultations will facilitate a paragraph by paragraph reading of the revised Draft. In order to give delegations additional time to prepare, we propose to begin the consultations on Tuesday 12 May at 10am. With a view to fulfilling the expressed mandate of concluding negotiations on the Outcome Document by June, consideration will be given to the holding of evening sessions, as necessary.

*  The Zero Draft, which preceded this revised Draft Outcome, can be accessed here

*  Update: UN financing for development negotiators review revised outcome draft (posted on 21 May)