OECD statements delivered during the 2nd drafting session of the Conference on Financing for Development

20 May 2015
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The OECD commends the Co-facilitators, the Permanent Representatives of Guyana and Norway, for the delivery of an ambitious zero draft of the Addis Ababa Accord.

We welcome the effort to foster synergies between more and better aid, more and better investment, and more and better tax, which resonates with the conclusion of the recent OECD Global Forum on Development. The future of financing for development depends upon this shift to a more complete vision of meeting the vast resources needs required to implement the emerging Sustainable Development Goals – from more and better AID to more and better A.I.T.

We look forward to providing further inputs on these specific areas of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda over the course of the week’s negotiation sessions.

We echo the pivotal role of partnerships – public-private, North-South, South-South, triangular, regional, thematic as well as multi-stakeholder – for maximising resource mobilisation, sharing knowledge and disseminating good practices and technology.

The OECD submission touched on the following:

Session on “Domestic and international private business and finance”

Section on “Domestic Resource Mobilisation”

Session on “Data Monitoring and Follow up”

Session on “International Public Finance”

2nd Drafting Session - General Discussion