11 May 2015

Later this year the Financing for Development summit will take place in Addis Ababa.

8 May 2015
Source: Xinhua

Addis Ababa:  African experts have started the process of coming up with a new health framework aimed at ending HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria on the continent by 2030, a statement emailed to X

8 May 2015

Addis Ababa: The Presiding Officer of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union (ECOSOCC) has appointed 5 Special Advisers to assist the Organ in the implementation of its mand

6 May 2015
Source: UNDP

Beunos Aires: Now, 2015 presents new opportunities for setting a transformational agenda for women.

7 May 2015
Source: Devex

For much of the past two decades, Sufian Ahmed’s attention has been focused on rebuilding Ethiopia’s economy after years of war and famine, eventually helping turn it into one of the fastest-growin

4 May 2015

A recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and several partners shows that renewable energy adoption is growing in the world’

8 May 2015
Source: Bloomberg

Cristina Duarte, the finance minister from Cape Verde who is the first woman to stand for the presidency of the African Development Bank, said the lender should encourage wealth generated in Africa

5 May 2015
Source: UNEP

Geneva: I believe the year 2015 will change, once more, the way we will do business in the years to come.

7 May 2015

Lusaka: All is set for the African Union Committee of 10 (C10) Summit to be held in Livingstone this week to push Africa’s agenda on the United Nations reforms particularly as regards the Security

5 May 2015

Washington: Africa is no longer a development challenge but a development opportunity, says Economic Commission for Africa’s Executive Secretary, Dr. Carlos Lopes.

29 April 2015

The world has an infrastructure problem, Africa is at the top of the list. African governments find themselves fiscally strained by retracting economies, reduced tax revenues and oil receipts due to low oil prices, State Owned Enterprises across parts of Africa are struggling and starved for cash such as South Africa utility giant, Eskom and greater demands for public assistance [entitlements, health care, welfare, pensions, unemployment benefits] and support of their populations. Ultimately, infrastructure is mostly a financial problem due to lack of long term, readily available and cost effective capital which is at the core of successful global infrastructure development.

29 April 2015
Source: Devex

The rise of emerging donors continues to be among the biggest stories in global development, with the share of funding these nontraditional players contribute to the industry increasing each year. That’s why today Devex is releasing its latest research report, “Devex Reports: Emerging Donors,” an in-depth look at the practices and priorities of development’s donors on the rise.

28 April 2015

Energy is one of the most essential requirements for Africa’s development. In the 21st century, it is a matter of concern that over 620 million Africans still live without the benefits of an electricity connection. A reliable and affordable energy supply is key to generating the broad‑based and inclusive economic growth needed to make major inroads into poverty; it can transform the lives and livelihoods of Africans, helping them to take charge of their own development.

17 April 2015
Source: ECDPM

Against the backdrop of intensive global negotiations on the post-2015 sustainable development agenda, it seems opportune to look at the state of the debate on Financing for Development (FfD) in Africa. The latest meeting, which was jointly organised by the African Union Commission and the Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa on 30-31 March, provides useful insights on how Africans are thinking about FfD – including, but not exclusively, on the post-2015 agenda.


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