Addis Tax Initiative launched

Addis Ababa: More than 30 countries and international organizations have launched the Addis Tax Initiative aimed at promoting a strong domestic tax system, including stronger tax institutions and the stemming of cross-border and domestic tax evasion. Speaking at the launch of the initiative here Wednesday, Finance and Economic Development Minister Sofian Ahmed said Ethiopia had achieved a remarkable transformation in collecting taxes at the national level, especially during the past five years but still had much to do when compared with the tax collecting system of other countries.

Less developed countries like Ethiopia will benefit more from the initiative by sharing experiences from developed countries and creating awareness among local tax-payers, according to the minister.

The initiative highlights the importance of domestic revenue for financing development and specifically stresses the significance of tackling domestic and cross-border tax evasion.

The countries subscribing to the Addis Tax Initiative have declared their commitment to enhance the mobilization and effective use of domestic resources to improve their tax systems.

The following have joined the Addis Tax Initiative: Australia, Belgium, Cameroon, Denmark, Ethiopia, European Commission, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, Liberia, Luxembourg, Malawi, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

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