Pillar 2: Science technology and innovation

Ethiopia to step up role as regional clean power exporter - TRFN

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia plans to begin exporting renewable energy to a broader range of neighbouring nations by 2018 as part of a cross-border effort to meet regional energy demand and limit increases in climate-changing emissions. The Eastern African Power Pool (EAPP) initiative aims to create or expand clean energy transmission lines among about a dozen countries in the region. Ethiopia, which has plans to dramatically scale up its production and export of hydroelectricity, would take on a bigger role as a regional power exporter under the plan.

Weather centres to arm Central Africa's farmers against climate shifts

Yaounde: For many of the past five years, Marthe Efoulan, a 42-year-old farmer in Meyomessala, in southern Cameroon, has been fooled into planting her crops too soon. Rain has come unusually early in February, and Efoulan - used to planting when the rain begins - puts in her maize crop. But then the rains stop as quickly as they came, putting her young crop in peril. "My three-weeks-old maize crop all withered," she complained of this year's crop.

Morocco hosts informal UfM high-level conference on climate change

Skhirat:  Ministers and high-level representatives of members of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), as well as the European Commissioner in charge of Climate Action and Energy attended, Thursday in Skhirat (outskirts of of Rabat), an Informal UfM high-level conference on climate change.

Gender diversity in STEM key to achieving SDGs

Organisations involved in funding science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Africa should improve gender diversity in the programmes they support, experts say. By promoting and rewarding the inclusion of diversity and gender analysis in research, collaborating institutions can be agents of change and help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Emerging economies surge forward with renewables

A recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and several partners shows that renewable energy adoption is growing in the world’s emerging economies nearly twice as fast than in industrialized nations. Not only are renewable energy technologies now cost competitive with fossil fuels in many developing nations, but they are often more reliable, safer, and at times cheaper than conventional grid power.


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