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Advancing Africa’s position on global climate finance

Unblocking the climate finance negotiations will unlock a new global agreement on climate change in Paris later this year. Developing countries need to see tangible commitment to providing the finance needed to combat the negative effects of climate change. As global emissions continue to increase, so does the cost of managing the impact. Africa’s Group of Negotiators (AGN) is positioned to take the lead, consistently presenting common positions for 54 countries. A breakthrough necessitates focus on a key issue that will yield win–win outcomes.

African strategy on climate change

We, African ministers of the environment,

Having met in Cairo from 4 to 6 March 2015 at the fifteenth session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment,

Financing for Development: the challenges for Africa (AGI IAG)

Two months before the Third International Conference on Financing for Development scheduled in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in July 2015, it becomes urgent to widely inform African Non-State actors - particularly women, youth and the media - on its main issues for the continent and on the proposals that are made.


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