Pillar 5: Peace and security

Extracted from: Common African Position on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

64. ACKNOWLEDGING the importance of peace and security in Africa and in the world, and the inextricable links between development and peace, security and stability;

65. REAFFIRMING that peace and security is essential for the achievement of the continent’s development aspirations particularly for countries affected by conflict and those emerging from conflict, we COMM IT to:

(a) Addressing the root causes of conflict

66. To address this priority, we must: tackle economic and social inequalities and exclusion; strengthen good and inclusive governance; fight against all forms of discrimination; and forge unity in diversity through democratic practices and mechanisms at the local, national and continental levels.

(b) Preventing the outbreak of armed conflicts

67. W e must take measures to prevent the outbreak of armed conflicts by: strengthening cross-border cooperation for the resolution of disputes and the promotion of cross-border security; implementing comprehensive, post-conflict reconstruction programmes, including the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), in countries emerging from conflict through effective partnership at regional and continental levels; supporting domestic financing for conflict resolution and stabilization; and promoting the use of mediators for conflict resolution, including traditional conflict resolution mechanisms.