Financing for Development Conference

Addis Ababa: Financing for Development

Financing for Development forges ‘New Financial Alliance’

Addis Ababa: World leaders agreed that strengthening cooperation in technology, infrastructure and social protections to drive prosperity was key to realizing inclusive, sustainable development, as the Third International Conference on Financing for Development concluded this evening in Addis Ababa with the adoption of an outcome text — described by some as a “new financial alliance”.

Outcome document of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development: Addis Ababa Action Agenda

We, the Heads of State and Government and High Representatives, gathered in Addis Ababa from 13 to 16 July 2015, affirm our strong political commitment to address the challenge of financing and creating an enabling environment at all levels for sustainable development in the spirit of global partnership and solidarity. We reaffirm and build on the 2002 Monterrey Consensus and the 2008 Doha Declaration.

Addis Tax Initiative launched

Addis Ababa: More than 30 countries and international organizations have launched the Addis Tax Initiative aimed at promoting a strong domestic tax system, including stronger tax institutions and the stemming of cross-border and domestic tax evasion. Speaking at the launch of the initiative here Wednesday, Finance and Economic Development Minister Sofian Ahmed said Ethiopia had achieved a remarkable transformation in collecting taxes at the national level, especially during the past five years but still had much to do when c

The Addis Ababa Action Agenda

Addis Ababa: Countries agreed today [Wednesday] on a series of bold measures to overhaul global finance practices and generate investments for tackling a range of economic, social and environmental challenges at the United Nations Third International Conference on Financing for Development, being held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Islamic finance should be utilized to fund sustainable development

Addis Ababa: Islamic finance offers a promising alternative to traditional sources of funding and should be utilized to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that countries will adopt in September, participants at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development were told.

African statements: Wednesday

Addis Ababa: Ministers of countries that had made strides in the complex task of sustaining social cohesion and growing their economies, nevertheless urged the adoption at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, in Ethiopia, of an effective framework for assistance that would help build the resilience of all States to the multiple crises the world currently faced.

African ministers of finance, economy: statements on Day II

Addis Ababa: Developing countries were committed to resolving their development challenges but required “space and autonomy” to mobilize domestic resources, senior officials attending the Third International Conference on Financing for Development said [on Tuesday], pressing partner countries to honour — or surpass — overdue assistance pledges and revitalize cooperation so they could catalyse genuine change in the post-2015 era.

UN can help reform the international financial system

Rome: The growth in global interdependence poses greater challenges to policy makers on a wide range of issues and for countries at all levels of development.  Yet, the mechanisms and arrangements put in place over the past three decades have not been adequate to the challenges of coherence and coordination of global economic policy making. The recent financial crises have exposed some such gaps and weaknesses.

In Addis: partnerships to finance inclusive, sustainable industrial development

Addis Ababa: Partnerships involving all development players will be key to scaling up the financing needed for industrial infrastructure and projects, an important element in the economic and social advancement of countries, a senior United Nations official told a conference in Ethiopia today. “There is not a single country in the world that has achieved lasting economic and social development without having undergone industrial transformation,” Li Yong, Director General of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO),

African inputs to Day One plenary sessions

Hailemarian Dessalegn, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and President of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, welcomed attendees to Addis Ababa and affirmed his country’s resolve to work for a successful meeting. Evoking an inclusive, sustainable and peaceful future as the goal of the United Nations development agenda for the next 15 years, whose adoption was expected in September in New York, he surveyed both the accomplishments and challenges of international partnership in the past 15 years.


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